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Question number: 119

» Database » Oracle



Is it possible to disable the parameter form while running the report?


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All of the above


Question does not provide sufficient data or is vague




It is possible to:

  • Pass user defined values to reports by using parameter forms.

  • Not display the parameter form while running the reports.

    Below are steps to display the parameters

  • Open report in report designer.

  • Select the report

  • Select the Tools Parameter from Builder from the reports menu.

  • Select the user parameters in the parameter form needed to be enter by the user.

  • Press ok button- parameter form appears with the user parameters.

  • Change the labels on the parameter form if required.

  • Compile the report.

  • Run the report.

Question number: 120

» Database » MySQL

Essay Question▾

Describe in Detail

Does PL/SQL support “overloading”. Explain.


  • Yes, PL? SQL supports “overloading”- define more than one function with the same name.

  • Programs different in other ways so that at runtime the PL/SQL engine can figure out which of the programs to execute.

  • PL/SQL does not look only at the referenced name, to resolve a procedure or function call- considerers count and data types of formal parameters.

  • Below some circumstances it is cause the PL/SQL

    • Apply the same action to different kinds or combinations of data.

    • Allow developers to use a program in the most natural and intuitive fashion.

    • Make it easy for developers to specify, unambiguously and simply, the kind of action desired.