3i Infotech Papers: Sample Questions 1051 - 1053 of 1245

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Question number: 1051

» Languages » C & C Plus Plus

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What do the functions atoi (), itoa () and gevt () do?


  • atoi ()

    • A macro that converts integer to character.

    • itoa ()

    • It converts an integer to string

    • gcvt ()

  • It converts a floating-point number to string.

Question number: 1052

» Testing » Web (Client or Server)

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Integrated check value (ICV) are used as:


  • Integrated check values are used to message authentication code, which makes sure that IP header field does not change or is predictable.

  • The client computes the ICV and then compares it with the sender’s value.

  • It is a variable length field that the field must be an integral multiple of bits in length.

  • The field is variable length to accommodate variations from ICV algorithms, and the length is specified by the selected function.

  • This is an optional field: It is included only when an authentication service is in use for the SA that corresponds to the header.

  • Information about the ICV function in use is maintained along with the rest of the SA data.

Question number: 1053

» Languages » Assembly Language

Short Answer Question▾

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Why are program counter and stack pointer bit registers?


  • Program Counter and Stack Pointer hold -bit memory addresses.

  • PC stores the memory address of the next instruction to be fetched.

  • Stack pointer can temporarily store the bit memory address as well as data.

  • So Program counter & Stack pointer are -bit registers.