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Question number: 1066

» Languages » Java

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Describe in Detail

External variables can be accessed.


  • External variables can accesses functions.

  • A variable defined outside any function block.

  • A local variable is a variable defines inside a function block.

  • Alternative to automatic variables, it is possible to define variables that are external to all functions, that is, variables that can be accessed by name by any function.

  • Globally accessible, they can be used instead of argument lists to communicate data between functions.

  • Remain in existence permanently, rather than appearing and disappearing as functions are called and exited.

  • They retain their values even after the functions that set them have returned.

Question number: 1067

» Languages » Assembly Language

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Describe in Detail

RS-C standard is used in ________.


Understanding of pin out of RS-232C

Understanding of Pin Out of RS-232C

Understanding of pin out of RS-232C

  • RS-C describes the physical interface for relatively low-speed serial data communication between computers and related devices.

  • It was defined by an industry trade group, the Electronic Industries Association originally for teletypewriter devices.

  • RS-C is used for exchanging data with modem and other serial devices.

  • Together with RS-C there is a complementary interface called the Data Communications Equipment interface.