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Question number: 1104

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Describe in Detail

What is inheritance?


Image shows the class

Image Shows the Class

Image shows the class

  • Deriving an object from an existing class is inheritance

  • Inheritance is the process of inheriting all the features from a class.

  • A class derived from another class is called a subclass, whereas the class from which a subclass is derived is called a superclass.

  • A subclass can have only one superclass, whereas a superclass may have one or more subclasses.

  • A subclass inherits the characteristics (properties and methods) of its superclass.

  • A vehicle is a superclass and a car is a subclass.

  • The car inherits all of the vehicle’s properties.

  • The inheritance mechanism is very useful in code reuse.

Question number: 1105

» Languages » Java

Appeared in Year: 2004



Stateless session bean is instantiated by


Choice (4) Response


Create ()


New Instance ()


None of the above


All of the above




When an instance transits from non-exist state to method ready pool three operations are performed:

  • Bean instance is instantiated by invoking the class. new Instance () method on stateless session bean.

  • In stateless session beans calling create () method results in creating EJB object for the client.

  • Ejb Create () of a stateless bean is invoked once in the life cycle of a particular instance.