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How is MRPII different from MRP?


Table of Difference between MRP and MRP II

Table of Difference between MRP and MRP II



Material Requirements Planning, or MRP, was developed in 1970s to help manufacturing companies manage procurement of material for manufacturing.

Manufacturing resource planning- II or MRP II is the successor which does several steps beyond MRP

Allows manufacturing units to calculate precisely the materials required, the time and optimum quantities.

Also includes capacity planning, scheduling, shop floor control and other calculations.

Directs purchasing to buy material based on the component lead-time loaded in the MRP system.

Also includes value stream optimization routines- production planning, machine capacity scheduling, demand forecasting and analysis modules, and quality tracking tools.

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What is the protocol used by server and client?


Java provides support for the two common network protocols:

  • TCP:

    • Transmission control protocol.

    • Allows for reliable communication between two applications.

    • TCP is typically used over the internet protocol, which is referred to as TCP/IP.

  • UDP:

    • It is user datagram protocol.

    • A connection-less protocol that allows for packets of data transmitted between applications.