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Question number: 1129

» Basic CS » Operating System

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Describe in Detail

What is object file? How can you access object file?


Understanding of object file

Understanding of Object File

Understanding of object file

  • Object file is binary representation of source file.

  • Object and executable files have ELF format.

  • It is a collection of various sections segregating type of data in:

    • Text section

    • Data section

    • Stack

    • Heap.

  • These file are produced as the output of the compiler.

  • They consist of function definitions in binary executable by themselves.

  • Object files end in “. o” by convention, although on some operating systems, they often end in “. obj”.

Question number: 1130

» Languages » C & C Plus Plus

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Describe in Detail

Differentiate persistent & non-persistent objects?


  • Persistent Objects: -

    • Persistent refers to an object’s ability to transcend time or space.

    • Stores/saves its state in a permanent storage system without losing the information represented by the object.

    • Can exist for the duration of the application in a persistent store such as a database.

  • Non-persistent objects: -

    • A non-persistent object is said to be transient or ephemeral.

    • By default objects are considered as non-persistent.

    • A non-persistent object is created dynamically and discarded when obsolete.

Question number: 1131

» Languages » Java

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What is update method called?


  • The update () method is defined by the AWT and is called when our applet has requested that a portion of its window be redrawn.

  • The problem is that the default version of update () first fills an applet with the default background colour and then calls paint ().

  • We can override the update () method.