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Question number: 1227

» Languages » Java

Appeared in Year: 2004



In a JSP page, a statement is declared as follows:

  1. <%! String strTemp = requestGetParameter ( “Name” ); %>
  2. And below thatan _expression appears as:
  3. <% SystemOutPrintln ( “The Name of person is:” + strTemp); %>

What is the output of the expression, if this JSP page is invoked in browser using URL?


Choice (4) Response


The Name of person is: null


The name of person is:


The Name of person is: Chetana


Question does not provide sufficient data or is vague




  • In this case on the page nothing will be displayed as the System. out. println () will display the output to console.

  • So it may be displayed in the file of the application server’s console output file.

Question number: 1228

» Languages » C & C Plus Plus

Essay Question▾

Describe in Detail

How would you use the functions sin (), pow (), sqrt ()?


Sin ():

double sin (double x) returns the sine of a radian angle x.

  • Declaration:

    • double sin (double x)

    • Parameters:

  • x-This is the floating-point value representing an angle expressed in radians.

Pow ():

Calculates power of numbers:

  • Syntax:

    double pow (double x, double y);

  • Parameters or Arguments: Here x is raised to the power of y.

Sqrt ():

The C library function double sqrt (double x) returns the square root of x.

  • Declaration:

    double sqrt (double x)

  • Parameters:

    x-This is the floating-point value whose square root needs to be computed