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Question number: 1234

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Essay Question▾

Describe in Detail

What are JVM, JRE, J2EE, and JNI?



  • Java virtual machine is an abstract machine.

  • Specification providing runtime environment in which java byecode can executed.

  • Available for many hardware and software platforms.

Perform following main tasks:

Image of the main tasks

Image of the Main Tasks

Image of the main tasks


  • Acronym for java runtime environment.

  • Implementation of JVM which physically exists.

  • Contains libraries other files JVM uses at runtime.

  • Implementation of JVMs is released by other companies besides Sun Micro Systems.


  • J2EE plate form describes the J2EE application model and best practices for using the J2EE plateform.

  • Application model provides a simplified approach to developing highly scalable and available applications.

  • Application model encapsulates the layer of functionality in specific types of components.

  • J2EE components provide competitive choices for enterprise developers and IT organizations.


Understanding of JNI.

Understanding of JNI.

Understanding of JNI.

  • Java native programming interface is part of the java software development kit.

  • Provides code and code libraries written in other languages as C and C++.

  • JNI enables embedding a java virtual machine into native applications.

  • Allows programmers to call java code from within native code.

Question number: 1235

» Languages » Java

Short Answer Question▾

Write in Short

Write a program for recursive traverse?


void traverse (Node * head)


if (head==NULL)


cout < < head- > data < < ” “;

traverse (head- > next)