3i Infotech Placement: Sample Questions 1221 - 1222 of 1245

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Question 1221


Write in Short

Short Answer▾

What is the role of web server?


  • Webserver receives HTTP request and provides HTTP response.
  • Transaction are done with HTTP requests and responses.
  • Webserver gives only an html output, it typically does not process business logic.

Question 1222


Describe in Detail


What do you mean by analysis and design?


  • Analysis:
    • Process of determining what needs to be done before how it should be done.
    • Developer refers to the existing systems and documents- simply an art of discovery.
    • Analysis emphasizes an investigation of the problem and requirements, rather than a solution.
    • “Analysis” is a broad term, best qualified, as in requirements analysis (an investigation of the requirements) or object-oriented analysis (an investigation of the domain objects) .
  • Design:
    • Process of adopting/choosing the one among the many-to best accomplish user՚s needs.
    • Emphasizes a conceptual solution (in software and hardware) fulfilling the requirements.
    • A description of a database schema and software objects.
    • Excludes low-level or “obvious” details — obvious to the intended consumers so that designs can be implemented. Implementation must express true and complete realized design.
    • As with analysis, the term is best qualified, as in object-oriented design or database design.
    • Summarized as “do the right thing- analysis” , and “do the things right- design” .

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