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Question number: 171

» Database » MySQL

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Describe in Detail

What is disadvantage in File Processing System?


File processing system

File Processing System

File processing system

The file processing system has the following major disadvantages:

  1. Data redundancy and inconsistency.
  2. Integrity Problems.
  3. Security Problems
  4. Difficulty in accessing data.
  5. Data isolation.

1) Data redundancy and inconsistency.

  • Data redundancy means duplication’s data and inconsistency means that the duplicated values are different.

2) Integrity problems:

  • Data integrity means that the data values in the data base should be accurate in the sense that the value must satisfy some rules.

3) Security Problem:

  • Data security means prevention of data accession by unauthorized users.

4) Difficulty in accessing data:

  • Difficulty in accessing data arises whenever there is no application program for a specific task.

5) Data isolation:

  • This problem arises due to the scattering of data in various files with various formats.

  • Due to the above disadvantages of the earlier data processing system, the necessity for an effective data processing system arises.

  • Only at that time the concept of DBMS emerges for the rescue of a large number of organizations.

Question number: 172

» Operating System » Unix

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What is Page-Stealer process?


Process virtual address space

Process Virtual Address Space

Process virtual address space

  • The page eligible for swapping are found by the page-stealer and placed in a list.

  • The paging states are:

    • Not yet eligible for swapping

    • Eligible for swapping but not eligible for re assignment to other virtual address space.

  • Created by the kernel at the system initialization

  • Is invoked by kernel throughout the lifetime of the system.

  • On page fault kernel locks a region of the page so page stealer cannot steal the faulting page.