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Question number: 174

» Database » Oracle

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What is an Oracle Instance?


Given figure is oracle instance and oracle database.

Given Figure is Oracle Instance and Oracle Database.

Given figure is oracle instance and oracle database.

  • All running Oracle database is related with an Oracle instance.

  • Oracle allocates a memory area called the System Global when a database is started on a database server Area and starts one or more Oracle processes.

  • Oracle instance is the combination of the SGA and the Oracle processes.

  • An Oracle instance can access only one database at a time, while an Oracle database can be accessed by multiple instances.

  • Oracle database-wide system memory is known as the SGA, the system global area or shared global area.

  • The data and control structures in the SGA are shareable, and all the Oracle background processes and user processes can use them.

Question number: 175

» Basic CS » Data Structures

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What are the notations used in Evaluation of Arithmetic Expression using prefix and postfix forms?


Arithmetic Expressions and trees

Arithmetic Expressions and Trees

Arithmetic Expressions and trees

  • Polish and reverse polish are the notations used in evaluation of arithmetic expression using prefix and postfix forms.

Polish notation:

  • Polish notation is also called as prefix notation.

  • A form of notation for logic, arithmetic, and algebra.

  • Its distinguishing feature is that it places operators to the left of their operands.

  • While prefixing the operator to the number, it is called polish notation.

    For example, ( (a + B) *C (D E) ^ (F + G) )

    Prefix notation: ^-*+ABC-DE + FG

Reverse Polish notation:

  • A mathematical notation where every operator follows all of its operands, in contrast to Polish notation, which puts the operator in the prefix position.

  • It suffixes the operator to the number called reverse polish notation.

Ex. . ( (a + B) *C (D E) ^ (F + G) )

Postfix notation: AB + C*DE—FG+^