3i Infotech Placement: Sample Questions 188 - 189 of 1245

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Question 188


Write in Short

Short Answer▾

Where are the card layouts used?


  • Cardlayout class manages two or more components that share the same display space.
  • Provides a way for user to choose between the components.
  • CardLayout class manages the components in such a manner that only one component is visible at a time. It treats every component in the container as card. One card is visible at a time, and the container acts as stack of cards.

Question 189


Describe in Detail


What is point to point protocol?


Define Point to Point Configration
  • Point to point (P2P) protocol is a data-link layer communication protocol to establish direct connection between two nodes.
  • Communication protocol connect computers to remote networking services including internet service providers.
  • P2P protocols tunnel Internet Protocol or other network Layer 3 data between two directly connected nodes over a physical connection, or over a direct link.
  • Widely used for the heavier and faster connections necessary for broadband communications.

Advantages of P2P:

  • Defines format of the frame to be exchanged between the devices.
  • Defines link control protocol.
  • Defines mechanism of network layer data encapsulation in data link frame.
  • Provides error detection.
  • Allows IP address to be assigned at the connection time i.e.. dynamically- a temporary IP address can however be assigned to each host.
  • Also defines how two devices can authenticate each other.

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