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Question number: 212

» Basic CS » Data Structures

Essay Question▾

Describe in Detail

List areas where data structures are applied extensively?


  • Compiler Design

  • Operating System

  • Database Management System

  • Statistical analysis package

  • Numerical Analysis

  • Graphics

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Simulation

Question number: 213

» Database » MySQL

Essay Question▾

Describe in Detail

How to create a database link?


  • First, create a database link, which points to the other location. The database link can be created with a command similar to the following:

    CREATE DATABASE LINK other_db CONNECT TO scott IDENTIFIED BY tiger USING ‘tns_alias’;

  • Use the appropriate user ID and password to connect to the remote database, and configure your TNSNAMES. ORA file with a TNS alias to point to that database.

  • You can test the database link with a simple query, such as the following:

    SELECT sysdate FROM dual@other_db;

  • The@other_db clause uses the database link you created.

  • If the query returns the date, then the link works properly.

  • Once the link is set up, you can either issue a command to modify the data in the remote database when you modify the local database or you can use a database trigger.

  • For instance, if the application modifies the local database by performing an INSERT similar to the following:

    INSERT INTO my_table VALUES (1, ‘Two’);

  • Then you can also code another SQL statement to insert the same values across a database link.

    INSERT INTO my_table@other_db VALUES (1, ‘Two’);

  • Additionally, you can create a trigger.

CREATE TRIGGER modify_remote_my_table BEFORE INSERT ON my_table BEGIN INSERT INTO my_table@other_db VALUES (: new. colA, : new. colB); END; /