3i Infotech Placement: Sample Questions 217 - 218 of 1245

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Question 217


Describe in Detail


What is the difference between AWT and swing?


Difference between AWT and Swing
Abstract window toolkitAlso called Java Foundation Classes.
Components are heavyweight.Lightweight components.
Require java. awt package.Require javax. swing package.
Components are platform dependent.Made in purely java and they are platform independent.
Occupies more memory space.Occupies less memory space.
Less powerful than swing.Extension to AWT and many drawbacks of AWT are removed in swing.

Question 218


Write in Short

Short Answer▾

What is NVT (Network Virtual Terminal) ?


Computer Network of Virtual Terminal
  • Network Virtual Terminal (NVT) is just a representation of a basic terminal providing standard for Telnet connection.
  • Software rules which define how data and commands are sent across the network allowing interoperability between Telnet and heterogeneous computers and operating systems.
  • For example, in above figure TELNET client translates characters from the local terminal into NVT.
  • TELNET server translates data and commands from NVT to form acceptable by the remote computer.
  • Useful for testing, making sure conventions are handled by software ensuring that other servers and clients are doing the same.

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