Basic CS [3i Infotech Placement]: Sample Questions 24 - 25 of 243

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Question 24

Basic CS

Describe in Detail


What is IGP (Interior Gateway Protocol) ?


Understanding of IGP
  • IGP is a protocol for exchanging routing information between gateways within an autonomous network.
  • This information is then used by the internet protocol or other network protocols to route transmissions.

Two commonly used IGP:

  • Routing Information protocol
  • Open shortest path first protocol

Types of IGP:

  • Distance-Vector Routing Protocol
    • Uses the Bellman -Ford algorithm.
    • Example RIP, INTERIOR Gateway Routing Protocol and Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol.
  • Link-State Routing Protocol:
    • Used to construct connectivity maps.
    • Access all network topology data via the routing table.
Types of IGP in Image

Question 25


Describe in Detail


What is a drawback of MVT?


Understanding of MVT
  • Multiprogramming with a Variable number of Tasks (MVT) was most sophisticated of three configurations of OS/360′s control program (OS)
  • Used on largest machines in the System/360 family.
  • MVT treated not used memory as a single pool from which contiguous “regions” were allocated allowing simultaneous application and systems programs.
  • Scheme more flexible than MFT՚s and in principle used memory efficiently
  • However, memory was liable to fragmentation
  • With no memory relocation hardware, memory compaction could not be used to reduce fragmentation.
  • A facility called Rollout/Rollin swaped running job to make memory available to another job.
  • In 1971 the Time Sharing Option (TSO) for use with MVT was added as part of release 20.1.

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