Basic CS [3i Infotech Placement]: Sample Questions 97 - 97 of 243

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Question 97

Basic CS

Describe in Detail


What particular challenges do you see in managing a network?


Challenges in managing a network

  • Visibility:
    • Required for:
      • Plan capacity upgrades
      • Troubleshoot app performance
      • Fact check efficacy of security investments
      • Deploy early warning system for suspicious traffic- data breaches or compliance violations.
    • Visibility needs to translate into simple reports and detailed flow-level records of network events.
  • Getting context of application (for example for QoS)
    • Identifying applications based on ports and protocols.
    • Greater context based on nature of the application traffic.
  • Personalized experience:
    • For example, for education align network with specific users՚ needs, such as students versus faculty.
    • Includes:
      • Allocating bandwidth
      • Aligning available bandwidth to meet application specific service level agreements for satisfaction, performance and productivity.
  • Conserve bandwidth:
    • All network issues cannot be solved by adding more bandwidth.
    • Take into account cost of bandwidth:
      • Some regions have bandwidth nearly free or heavily subsidized by government programs.
      • Other regions have very expensive bandwidth
    • Imperative to calculate cost of bandwidth
  • Security posture:
    • Intelligently monitor network traffic mix.
    • Balance between visibility and control help educational institutions with encrypted traffic.
    • Knowledge of risk points can not only protect the users but also de-risk the institution, its brand, and assets.

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