Basic CS-Data Structures [3i Infotech Placement]: Sample Questions 33 - 34 of 52

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Question 33

Data Structures

Describe in Detail


What are the major data structures used in the following areas:

  • Network data model
  • Hierarchical data model



  • Array of structures is used in RDBMS.
  • To maintained data properly.

Network Data Model

  • Graph data structure is used to represent network data model.
  • The network data model is a database model.
  • It is flexible way of representing object and relationship.

Hierarchical Data Model

  • Tree data structure is used in Hierarchical data model.
  • The data is stored as records, which are connected to other link.

    Basics of Tree

  • A tree is a data structure that consists of hierarchy of nodes with a single node.
  • A node has any number of children, but each child node has only one parent node on which it is dependent.
  • The parent to child relationship in a tree is one to many relationship whereas child to parent relationship in a tree is one to one.

Question 34

Data Structures

Describe in Detail


What are the methods available in storing sequential files?


Straight merging:

  • This is straight sorting technique.
  • The straight merge distributes the initial records onto two tapes
  • They contain the same number of records; one tape contains only one more record than the other.
  • If done for the original file then the configuration of tapes appear as the initial distribution.

Natural merging:

  • Distributes the records of the original file to two tapes, so that sorted sub files or runs are preserved and treated as a unit.

Polyphase sort:

  • An algorithm decreases the number of runs at every iteration of the main loop merging run into large runs.
  • It uses external sorting.
  • Reduces the number of intermediate files needed by reusing files.

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