Basic CS-Networks [3i Infotech Placement]: Sample Questions 44 - 44 of 90

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Question 44


Describe in Detail


What are the types of transmission media?


Define Transmission Media

Two Types of Transmission Media

  1. Wired or Guided Media or Bound Transmission Media
  2. Wireless or Unguided Media or Unbound Transmission media

Wired or Guided Media or Bound Transmission Media

  • Bound transmission media are the cables limited by the physical geography.
  • Popular bound transmission media include twisted pair cable, co-axial cable, and fiber optical cable.
  • Each has its own characteristics like transmission speed, effect of noise, physical appearance, cost etc.

    3 types of Guided Media:

  • Coaxial cable
    • Very common and widly used commutation media.
    • Named as it contains 2 conductors parallel to each other.
  • Twisted Pairs Cable
    • This is a most popular network medium.
    • Light weight, easy to install, supports many different types of networks.
  • Fiber Optics Cable
    • Previous ones used electrical signals to transmit data.
    • Fiber optics uses light- incredibly fast and high bandwidth
    • As light only moves in one direction- for two way communication a second connection is made between two devices
3 Types of Guided Media

Wireless or Unguided Media or Unbound Transmission Media:

  • Unbound transmission media transmit data without using any cables.
  • Media not bounded by physical geography.
  • Transmission is called Wireless communication.
  • Wireless communication is becoming popular.
  • Wireless LANs are being installed in office and college campuses.
  • This transmission uses microwaves, radio waves, or infra-red media.

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