Basic CS-Networks [3i Infotech Placement]: Sample Questions 48 - 48 of 90

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Question 48


Describe in Detail


What is RIP (Routing Information Protocol) ?


  • RIP is one of the oldest distance-vector routing protocol employing hop count routing metric- Hop is the step towards the next existing device- a router, computer or any device
  • Used for exchanging information between the routers.
  • Simple vector routing protocol with many existing implementations
  • Used in both local and wide area networks
  • Easily configured and implemented.

How Does RIP Work?

  • Each router initializes its routing table with a list of locally connected networks.
  • Every router advertises the contents of its routing table over all the RIP enabled interfaces.
  • Each route has a property called a metric indicating “distance” to the route՚s destination.
  • When router detects change in routing table- it sends an immediate “triggered” update.
  • Request message allows a newly started router to rapidly query all of its neighbour՚s routing tables.
  • When router “A” learns a route from router “B” it advertises the route back to “B” with a metric of 16 ensuring that “B” is never under the impression that “A” has a different way of getting to the same destination.

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