Basic CS-Networks [3i Infotech Placement]: Sample Questions 4 - 5 of 90

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Question 4


Write in Short

Short Answer▾

What is SAP?


  • Service access point or SAP is an identifying label for network used in OSI networking.
  • Allows other computers to communicate with the other layers of network protocol stack.
  • Conceptual location at which one OSI layer can request the services of another OSI layer.
  • At low level, it is a data structure and identifier for a buffer area in system memory.
  • Source Service Access Point or a Destination Service Access Point refers to the boundary between the Data Link Layer and the Network Layer.

Question 5


Describe in Detail


What is mail Gateway?


Structure Using Mail Getway
  • The mail gateway machine handles connections between networks running different protocols- allowing mail to be sent from one network to another.
  • Example a mail gateway can connect a TCP/IP network to a system network architecture protocol network.
  • Performs a protocol translation between different electronic mail delivery protocols.
  • The gateway system will handle mail with address for which “send mail” cannot find a recipient in domain.
  • If a mail gateway exits- “send mail” uses the gateway to send and receive mail outside domain.

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