Basic CS-Networks [3i Infotech Placement]: Sample Questions 78 - 78 of 90

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Question 78


Describe in Detail


Describe functions of repeater, router, bridges, and switches



  • Used for network interconnection,
  • Receives network signal from one LAN terminal cable segment and regenerates and retransmits the signal to another segment.
  • Maintains original strength when transmitting over a one or more cable segments.
  • Repeater regenerates the strength of the signal before transmitting it.


  • Two types of functions:
    1. Static
      1. Require an administrator to set up and configure the routing table.
    2. Dynamic
      1. Designed to discover routes automatically and therefore requires minimal configuration.
Two Types of Functions


  • A networking device that creates a single aggregate network from multiple communication networks or network segments.
  • Allows multiple different networks to communicate independently while remaining separate
  • Bridging connects two separate networks as one network.

    Four types of network bridging

    1. Simple bridging
    2. Multiport bridging
    3. Transparent bridging
    4. Source route bridging
Four Types of Network Bridging


  • Receives information from any connected source and dispatches it to the appropriate destination.
  • Forwards a message to a specific host.
  • Used when any host on the network or a switch sends a message to another host on the same network or switch.
  • The switch receives and decodes the frames to read the physical address portion of the message.

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