Basic CS-Networks [3i Infotech Placement]: Sample Questions 86 - 87 of 90

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Question 86


Write in Short

Short Answer▾

Difference between bit rate and baud rate.


Difference between Bit Rate and Baud Rate
Bit rateBaud rate
Number of bits transmitted during one second.Number of signal required to represent bits.
Determines the number of bits travelled per secondDetermines number of times the state of a signal is changing.
Used for emphasising computer efficiency.Used for emphasizing data transmission over the channel.
Bit rate baud rates the number of bits per signal unit.Baud rate bit rate the number of bits per signal unit.

Question 87


Describe in Detail


What is the header length of Ether Net MAC?


The Ether Net MAC

The basic MAC data frame format for Ethernet used within the 10 and 100 Mbps systems is given above.

Mac header has following fields:

  • The first two fields are 6-byte source and destination address.
  • The last field is the 2-byte field length, which gives the length of the data field.
  • Because Ethernet has variable length data fields, their length needs to be known for the receiver to know where the frame ends.
  • The third field is the 4-byte virtual LAN tag.
  • When in use, the first two bytes are set 81 - 00 which tells the receiver that the VLAN tag field is being used.

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