Basic CS-Operating System [3i Infotech Placement]: Sample Questions 67 - 68 of 89

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Question 67

Operating System

Describe in Detail


What is paging vs. swapping?


Structure of Paging
Structure of Swapping
Difference between Swapping and Paging
Moving the entire non-running process with all data from main memory used by other processes.Dividing the whole process memory into pages and the memory into frame.
Moving entire address spaces between disk and memory.Moves individual pages only between disk and memory, so part of an address space is on disk while other part is in main memory.
Swapping is less flexible.Paging is more flexible.
Allows more processes to reside in main memoryAllows less processes to reside in main memory.

Question 68

Operating System

Write in Short

Short Answer▾

What is an idle thread?


  • Ideal thread is the special thread a dispatcher will execute when no ready thread is found.
  • Contains one or more kernel thread run when any no other runnable thread is scheduled on a CPU.
  • No ready thread means that there is no runnable thread in the system or all runnable threads are scheduled on other CPU.
  • Idle process and thread eliminates a special case for scheduler- with idle thread always in ready state.
  • Ideal thread leaves CPU when some other thread is found to run on CPU.

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