Basic CS-Operating System [3i Infotech Placement]: Sample Questions 12 - 14 of 89

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Question 12

Operating System

Write in Short

Short Answer▾

In header file where function are declared or defined?


Define Two Types of Functions

Header file:

Declares functions which are not inline

Question 13

Operating System

Write in Short

Short Answer▾

List the Coffmans conditions that lead to a deadlock.


Mutual Exclusion:

  • Existence of non-shareable resources only one process can use at a time.
  • Another process wanting to access that resource must wait until the resource is released.

No Pre-emption:

  • No process is allowed to pre-empt another process forcibly to release resources held by it.
  • Resource allocation should ensure that pre-emption is allowed.

Hold and Wait:

  • Process holding a resource is waiting on additional resources held by other processes.

Circular Wait:

  • Processes waiting on resources from a circular chain with each waiting processes waiting on a resource held by next process in the list.

Question 14

Operating System

Describe in Detail


How VM works?


Virtual Machine in Figure

Virtual Machine

  • A virtual machine provides idea of a distinct or separate computer system while the real hardware might be shared.
  • Based on architecture of computer- provide functionality of a physical computer.
  • Runs on top of current operating system called the host operating system to provide virtual hardware to guest operating systems.
  • For example Linux can run as guest system on windows host operating system in a VM.
  • Guest operating system runs as if it were running on physical computer.
  • Virtual machine appears to be a real, physical computer.
  • Provided by the virtual functions mapped to real hardware on physical machine- for example, a virtual machine՚s virtual hard disk is stored in a file located on our hard drive.

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