Database-MySQL [3i Infotech Placement]: Sample Questions 106 - 107 of 162

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Question 106


Write in Short

Short Answer▾

What is the parameter substitution symbol used with INSERT INTO command?


  • & parameter substitution symbol used with INSERT INTO.
  • INSERT INTO command is not used before a substitution variable.
  • It is used to add new records into a database table with values for all its column.
  • Can be combined with a SELECT to insert records.

Syntax of INSERT INTO command

INSERT INTO table_name (column_name)

VALUE (values)

Question 107


Describe in Detail


What is Transaction Manager?


  • Part of an application that controls the coordination of transactions over one or more resources.
  • Maintains a log in storage on disk.
  • Records transaction starts, enlistments, and commits decisions in the log.
  • Reads log when it restarts to reconstruct the most recent state, using the log to make its state durable, when if the transaction manager fails,


  • Demarcation
    • Starting and finishing transactions by means of begin, commit and rollback methods.
  • Controlling the Transaction Context:
    • Transaction contexts contain all the information that helps a transaction manager to monitor a transaction.
    • Transaction managers are in charge of building transaction contexts and connecting them to the existing thread.
  • Coordinating the Transaction:
    • Transaction managers generally have the ability to harmonize a transaction over various resources. This feature demands the two-phase commit protocol.
  • Recovery From Failure:
    • Transaction managers are accountable to guarantee that the resources are not kept in an inconsistent state in case of a system or application failure.

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