Database-MySQL [3i Infotech Placement]: Sample Questions 161 - 162 of 162

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Question 161


Write in Short

Short Answer▾

What are the tadeoffs with having indexes?


  1. Faster selects, slower updates.
  2. Extra storage space to store indexes. Updates are slower because in addition to updating the table you have to update the index.

Question 162


Describe in Detail


If you want to retrieve information from a database. What language do you use?


Understanding of Query Language
  • Query language is a computer programming language;
  • Manages information in a database.
  • Provide a means for modifying records and displaying the results after performing various calculations
  • The interface by which such manipulations are specified is called the query language.
  • When query languages were originally so complex that interacting with electronic databases could be done only by specially individuals, modern interfaces are more user-friendly, it allows users to access database information.
  • Query language is the flexible natural language.
  • Use of natural language sentences to search databases is allowed in some commercial database management software- parse the syntax of the query; recognize its action words; identify the names of files, records, and fields; and perform the logical operations required.
  • Experimental systems that accept such natural language queries, the ability to employ natural language to query unstructured information will require machine understanding of natural language.
  • Importance of IR query languages is weighting and ranking, “relevance-orientation” , semantic relative and logic-based.
  • An example of an IR query language is contextual query language (CQL) , a formal language for representing queries to information retrieval system, museum collection information.

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