Database-Oracle [3i Infotech Placement]: Sample Questions 31 - 32 of 132

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Question 31




Which of the following is TRUE for the SYSTEM VARIABLE $ $ date $ $


Choice (4)


Can be assigned to a global variable


Can be assigned to any field only during design time


Can be assigned to any variable or field during run time


Question does not provide sufficient data or is vague




$ $ DATE $ $

  • Retrieves the current operating system date.
  • Designates a default value for a text item using the Default property.
  • The text item must be CHAR, DATE, or DATETIME data type.
  • Can also use $ $ DATE $ $ as a default value for form parameters- the parameter՚s value is computed one time, at form startup.

    System Variables

  • System variable allows controlling the way an application behaves.
  • Assigned to any field only during design time.
  • Values can be set globally at server startup by using options on the command line in option file.

    Form Variable

  • Oracle forms variable keeps an internal oracle forms state.

Question 32




A CONTROL BLOCK can sometimes refer to a BASETABLE?




Given Creating a Control Block


  • Basically control block is not related to table.
  • Item in a control block do not relate to table columns.
  • It contain button, text, item, check boxes.
  • Below Creates a Control Block

    1. Select Tools ⇾ New Block. Or, in the Object Navigator, position the cursor on or within the Blocks node and choose Navigator ⇾ Create.
    The New Block window appears.
    1. Leave the Base Table option set to indicate creation of a control block, not a base table block.
    2. In the Block Name field, enter a name for the block.
    3. (Optional) Set the sequence ID option to specify the position of the new block in the default block navigation sequence. Because this is a control block, none of the other options in the New Block window apply.
    4. Choose OK to create the control block- new control block does not yet contain any items. We can create items in an existing block in the Object Navigator or in the Layout Editor
  • Base Table

  • Base table stores information about the associated database.
  • Only oracle should be writing to and reading this table.
  • Users rarely access this directly because tables are normalized.
  • Most of the data is stored in a cryptic format.

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