Languages [3i Infotech Placement]: Sample Questions 365 - 367 of 546

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Question 365


Describe in Detail


What is accessor?


  • AN accessor is a class operation that does not modify the state of an object.
  • The accessor functions need to be declared as const operations.
  • Accessor methods allow the programmer to obtain the value of an object՚s instance variables
  • The data can be accessed but not changed
  • The name of an accessor method typically starts with the word ‘get’
Given the Accessor Method Getx () and Gety () Methods

Question 366


Write in Short

Short Answer▾

How would you obtain segment and offset addresses from a far address of a memory location?


  • Pointer to far objects are stored using four bytes that is 32 bits (on 32 bit machines) .
  • The bytes are stored little endian or low to high order.
  • The first word contains the 14-bit memory offset.
  • The second word contains the page number.
  • The memory address is calculated as bellow:

Variable address = (page ⚹ ) + offset

Function Address = (segment ⚹ ) + offset

Question 367



Max number of satellite hops allowed in voice communication is:


Choice (4)


Two hops


Four hops


More than 1


Only one




  • Max satellite hops allowed in voice communication is two.
  • Maximum performance out of the satellite segment is required for reasonable cost of the service.
  • In a local or geographical networks, satellites are the bottleneck, because of the delay and throughput constraints.
  • At the same time large number of persons living in remote areas achieve a broadband access to the internet using satellites.
  • Limiting the number of hops to is a compromise between connecting remote locations and providing reasonable quality of service.

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