Languages [3i Infotech Placement]: Sample Questions 399 - 400 of 546

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Question 399


Describe in Detail


Explain Just In Time Concept?


Understanding of at Compile Time and at Run Time
  • The Java programming language and environment, a just-in-time compiler turns Java bytecode into instructions sent directly to the processor.
  • Source language statements are compiled by the Java compiler into bytecode matching a particular hardware platform՚s processor.
  • This compilation when the application is used is called real time or on the fly as the program executes.
  • Such JIT Compilation is also known as dynamic translation.
  • Compilers typically have to balance compile resources with runtime concerns. JIT compiler՚s on-the-fly compile allows for dynamic changes according to the platform.

Question 400


Write in Short

Short Answer▾

Whether unified method and unified modeling language are same or different?


  • Unified method is convergence of the Rumbaugh and Booch.
  • Unified modeling lang. is the fusion of Rumbaugh, Booch and Jacobson as well as Betrand Meyer (whose contribution is “sequence diagram” ) .
  • Unified modeling is superset of all the methodologies.
  • The UML is not intended to be a visual programming language however, the UML does have a tight mapping to a family of object oriented languages

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