Languages [3i Infotech Placement]: Sample Questions 514 - 515 of 546

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Question 514


Write in Short

Short Answer▾

A good way of unit testing a s/w program is


  • Unit testing essentially breaks software down into specific functions and then tests each individually for any logic flaws.
  • It is done at a level where individual units and components of software are tested.
  • It is done to validate each unit of the software- to ensure that it performs as designed.
  • Reduces the number of bugs released during deployment and this is critical for effective software development.

Question 515


Describe in Detail


What are the different addressing modes in 8085?


Immediate addressing mode

  • The 8/16-bit data is specified in the instruction itself as one of its operand.
  • Example: MVI K, 20F: means 20F is copied into register K.

Register addressing mode

  • Data is copied from one register to another.
  • Example: MOV K, B: means data in register B is copied to register K.

Direct addressing mode

  • Data transfer is from one register to another by using the address pointed by the register.
  • Example: MOV K, B: means data is transferred from the memory address pointed by the register B to the register K.

Implied addressing mode

  • The mode dosen ′ t require any operand; the data is specified by the opcode itself.
  • Example: CMP.
The Different Addressing Modes in 8085

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