Languages-Java [3i Infotech Placement]: Sample Questions 53 - 55 of 141

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Question 53


Describe in Detail


What is JFC?


Understanding of JFC
  • Java Foundation Classes is a set of graphical user interface (GUI) components for java applications that streamline software and application development.
  • Comparable to the Microsoft foundation class (MFC) library.
  • Extension of the original java abstract windowing toolkit.
  • JFC and swing provide an additional set of program components.
  • A programmer can write programs that are independent of the window system within a particular operating system.
  • Advantage is its components are pluggable and require fewer lines of code.
  • The performance of a GUI created through JFC is predictable.
  • Runs seamlessly across OS՚s.

Question 54




Final methods can be overridden.




Understanding of Overriding
  • Statement is false
  • Final is used just before data members or even for a class.

For instance,

final method_name ()

final class_name ()

Anything, final cannot be extended or modified.

Question 55


Write in Short

Short Answer▾

What are byte codes?


  • Bytecode is object-oriented programming code compiled to run on a virtual machine instead of a central processing unit.
  • A VM transforms program code into readable machine language for the CPU
  • As platforms utilize different code interpretation techniques- bytecode provides interoperability.
  • A VM converts bytecode for plateform interoperability, but bytecode is not plateform specific.

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