Operating System-Unix [3i Infotech Placement]: Sample Questions 74 - 75 of 78

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Question 74


Describe in Detail


Brief the initial process sequence while the system boots up.


Define Boots System
  • BIOS:
    • Loads boot sector from the storage media.
    • The order of booting can be changed using BIOS.
  • Master Boot Record:
    • DOS option includes MS-DOS, windows.
    • Is the first 512 bytes off the disk containing things like dev/had executed by BIOS.
    • The standard MBR looks for the primary partition.
  • LILO:
    • The kernel image is loaded without understanding file system code.
    • Image of kernel is persisted as raw disk to load the sequence.
    • The menu available in boot prompts for the partition or kernel for image to load first 512 bytes of partition.
  • Kernel:
    • Initializes devices, loads ‘initrd’ optionally, mounts root file system that is specified by lilo or loading with root = parameter.
  • Run levels:
    • The default level is defined in etc/inittab.
    • Ex: id: 3: initdefault

Question 75


Write in Short

Short Answer▾

What scheme does the Kernel in Unix System follows while choosing a swap device among the multiple swap devices?


Kernel follows round robin scheme for choosing swap device among the multiple swap devices

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