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Question number: 9

» Languages » Assembly Language

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How many address are required for 4 kilo bytes of memory?


8085 is a 8 bit processor, where data lines are 8 bits and address lines are 16 bits.

To address 64 kilo bytes of memory we need to use 16 address lines.

Same way, to address 32 kilo bytes of memory 15 address lines are used. Remaining 1 address line is used to enable the chip.

To address 16 kilo bytes of memory, 14 address lines are used.

To address 8 kilo bytes of memory, 13 address lines are used.

To address 4 kilo bytes of memory, 12 address lines are used.

Question number: 10

» Basic CS » Networks

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What is the channel capacity if the bandwidth is 500 Hz and there are 8 signal levels?


Nyquist criteria give the relation between channel capacity (C), Bandwidth (B) and signal levels (M), which is given as,

Substituting the values, B = 500 and M = 8 from the given information in the equation (i),

Channel capacity,

Channel capacity will be 3000 bits per second.

Question number: 11

» Basic CS » Operating System

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Find out the Q factor of the circuit which has inductance 100 µH and resistor 5 ohms with frequency 100 Hz.


Q factor of a resonant circuit can defined in terms of its reactance and resistance.

In terms of inductance it can be given as,

Substituting the values of frequency, inductance and resistance from given information in equation (i),

Q = 0.01257

Hence Q factor for the given question will be 0.01257.