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What will be the CMRR in dB if common mode voltage is 1V and differential mode voltage is 1mV and error is 1%?


In terms of voltages CMRR can be defined as,

Here, common mode voltage, Vic = 1V

Differential mode voltage, Vid = 0.001V

Error, e = 1%= 0.01

Substituting these values in equation (i)

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Considering the analog signal 3cos200t, determine the minimum sampling rate required to avoid aliasing.


  • Nyquist criteria says that if we want to transmit any signal through the channel without any type of distortion, then sampling frequency should be at least twice or greater then signal frequency.
  • If signal frequency is fc and sampling frequency is fm then,
  • If this criteria is not fulfilled then aliasing effect will take place where, signal will not be received as it was transmitted from the transmitter side and lower frequency components will be irretrievably lost.
  • Here, the given signal is 3cos200πt,
  • Comparing it with the general sinusoidal signal,

s (t) = Acos2πft

A = 3 and 2f = 200

So, f = 100 Hz

  • So, to avoid aliasing Nyquist criteria should be fulfilled.