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Question 1


Write in Short

Short Answerβ–Ύ

What is the difference between IIR and FIR?


  • FIR stands for Finite Impulse Response and IIR stands for Infinite Impulse Response.
  • FIR filters are non-recursive and they do not require any feedback in response, whereas in case of IIR filters they require feedback from output so, they are recursive filters.
  • FIR filters always have linear phase response while IIR filters have non-linear phase response.
  • FIR filters are always stable while IIR filters can be stable sometimes.
  • FIR filters requires less power due to lesser number of components while IIR filters require more power due to more coefficients in the design.
  • FIR filters are used for anti-aliasing; baseband and low pass filter design, whereas IIR filters are used as notch (band stop) and band pass filter design.

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