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Question number: 3

» Database » Oracle



Is the Following Statement True or False?

Tablespace contains physical data.




  • Tablespace provides independence of logical data structures such as tables, views, and indexes from physical storage structures.

  • The files in a tablespace usually share common logical characteristic.

  • Tablespaces can be created, deleted, and merged.

  • Both are physical and logical structures are separate.

  • We can manage physical storage of data without affecting logical structure.

  • Data file is created by database and contains data structure like table and index.

  • Data written to files in oracle proprietary format cannot be read by other program.

Database can use tablespace to:

  • Control disk space allocation for database data.

  • Specific space for database user.

  • Control availability of data through individual tablespaces.

  • Perform partial database backup or recovery operations.

  • Allocate data storage across devices to improve performance.

Question number: 4

» Database » MySQL



Is the Following Statement True or False?

Can a labelled “goto” statement goto the inner loop?




Understanding of GOTO statements

Understanding of GOTO Statements

Understanding of GOTO statements

  • The goto allows unconditional branching to another program section.

  • The form of the goto statements as follows:

    goto label;

  • Goto statement transfers control to a labelled block.

GOTO Label

  • Label is point after processing starts a GOTO is targeted to label.

  • Must follow the rules for identifiers.

Restriction on GOTO statement:

  • Cannot transfer control into IF statement, CASE statement, LOOP statement

  • Cannot transfer control from one IF statement clause to another.

  • Cannot transfer control into an exception handler.

  • Cannot transfer control out of subprogram.