Database-MySQL [PCS Infotech Placement]: Sample Questions 12 - 13 of 23

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Question 12


Describe in Detail


PMON command is used for ________


Understanding of Process Moniter

PMON command is used to recover failed process resources. PMON performs following functions:

  • Monitors and restarts failed dispatcher or server processes.
  • Periodically checks status of dispatcher and server processes, and restarts.
  • Registers information about the instance and dispatcher processes.
  • Oracle background process will free resources if a user process fails.
  • Always running for an instance.
  • Registers information about the instance and dispatcher processes with the network listener.

The background process PMON cleans up after failed processes by:

  • Rolling back the user՚s current transaction
  • Releasing all currently held table or row locks
  • Freeing other resources currently reserved by the user
  • Restarts dead dispatchers

Question 13




A trigger name can have the same name as that of its base table name




  • Trigger name must be unique with respect to other triggers in the same schema.
  • Need not be unique with respect to other schema objects, table, and subprograms.
  • For eg. , a table and a trigger can have the same name.
  • Trigger doesn՚t share the same namespace as table.
  • Functions, procedures, table etc. share the same namespace.

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