Basic CS-Data Structures [Redpine Infotech Placement]: Sample Questions 4 - 4 of 4

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Question 4

Data Structures

Describe in Detail


In which data structure recursion can be used?


Define Stack Applications
  • Stacks and queues can use data structure recursion.
  • Stacks and queues allow elements to be popped and pushed.
  • Each recursion removes one element from stack or queue and perform the function.
  • Recursion is a special case of nested functions where calls are to the same function, or the same function is called in a cyclic manner.
  • Most recursions use the call stacks because it is simpler to write and read.
  • The call stack usually has limited space, is more expensive perform-wise, and program can run out of space since the call stack is not managed by the program.
  • Big stacks are thus declared explicitly and allocate on the heap.

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