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Question number: 9

» Aptitude

Short Answer Question▾

Write in Short

Asoka is as younger as Vimal and as older as Arun. The sum of Vimal and Arun age is 40. Then what will be Ashoka’s age?


Let Ashoka’s age be x years, Vimal’s age be y years and Arun’s age be z years.

Asoka is as younger as Vimal and as older as Arun i. e. x – z = y – x

i. e.

In the question it is given that sum of Vimal and Arun’s age is 40 i. e. y + z = 40

Ashoka’s age will be 20 years.

Question number: 10

» Basic CS » Networks



Which of the following are the aadvantages of digital over analog signal? (2004)


Choice (4) Response


Data security and integrity


Noise immunity


Efficient transmission


All a. , b. and c. are correct




Advantages of digital signal over analog signal are listed below.

  • Digital signals do not get corrupted by noise etc. You are sending a series of numbers that represent the signal of interest (i. e. audio, video etc. )

  • Digital signals typically use less bandwidth. This is just another way to say you can cram more information (audio, video) into the same space.

  • Digital can be encrypted so that only the intended receiver can decode it (like pay per view video, secure telephone etc. )

  • Enables transmission of signals over a long distance.

  • Transmission is at a higher rate and with a wider broadband width.

  • It is more secure.

  • It is also easier to translate human audio and video signals and other messages into machine language.

  • There is minimal electromagnetic interference in digital technology.

  • It enables multi-directional transmission simultaneously.