Aptitude [Sasken Placement]: Sample Questions 8 - 10 of 35

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Question 8


Write in Short

Short Answer▾

What is a connection oriented/connection less transmission?


Connection Oriented transmission:

There is a sequence of operation to be followed by the users of connection oriented service. These are:

  1. Connection is established
  2. Information is sent
  3. Connection is released

Connectionless transmission:

It is similar to the postal services. In connectionless the data is transferred in one direction from source to destination without checking that destination is still there or not or if it prepared to accept the message. Authentication is not needed in this. Example of Connectionless service is UDP (User Datagram Protocol) protocol.

Question 9




A is younger than B by 8 years. If their ages are in the respective ratio of 7: 9, how old is A?


Choice (4)


28 years


14.5 years


16 years


24.5 years




A is younger than B by 8 years i.e.. A = B - 8

Ratio of their ages is 7: 9 i.e.. A: B = 7: 9

A will be 28 years old.

Question 10


Write in Short

Short Answer▾

Ira is taller than Sam, Harold is shorter than Gene, Elliot is taller than Harold, Sam and Harold is of same height, Charlie is shorter than Harold. Then who is smallest among them?


  • Ira is taller than Sam.
  • Harold is shorter than Gene, i.e.. Gene is taller than Harold.
  • Elliot is taller than Harold.
  • Sam and Harold are of same height.
  • Charlie is shorter than Harold, i.e.. Harold is taller than Charlie.
  • So, among these 6 people we can՚t predict exact height of Ira, Gene and Elliot but they all are taller than Sam and Harold. Sam and Harold are of same height. As Harold is taller than Charlie, Sam is also taller than Charlie. So, we can conclude that Charlie is smallest among them.

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