TCS Placement: Sample Questions 215 - 216 of 502

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Question 215


Write in Short

Short Answer▾

A finishes the work in 10 days & B in 8 days individually. If A works for only 6 days then how many days should B work to complete A՚s work?


  • A can finish a work in 10 days while B can finish the same work in 8 days.
  • A works for 6 days, so, in 6 days A has completed of the total work.
  • Yet is incomplete, which B has to complete.
  • Whole work is complete in 8 days
  • So, work will be complete in (?) days

= 1


= 3.2 days

  • B can complete the remaining work in 3.2 days.

Question 216


Describe in Detail


What is the role of the JIT compiler in . NET Framework?


  • The JIT compiler is an important element of CLR, which loads MSIL on target machines for execution.
  • MSIL is stored in . NET assemblies after the developer has compiled the code written in any . NET-compliant programming language, such as Visual Basic and C#.
  • JIT compiler translates the MSIL code to CPU architecture of the target machine to execute a . NET application.
  • It also stores the resulting native code so that it is accessible for subsequent calls.
  • If a code executing on a target machine calls a non-native method, the JIT compiler converts the MSIL of that method into native code.
  • JIT compiler also enforces type-safety in runtime environment of . NET Framework- checks values that are passed to parameters of any method. For example, JIT compiler detects if a user tries to assign a 32-bit value to a parameter that can only accept 8-bit value.
Given the Image is Define the JIT Compiler

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