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Question number: 282

» Basic CS » Networks

Essay Question▾

Describe in Detail

Define Retransmission?


  • In retransmission receiver detects the occurrence of an error and asks the sender to resend the message.

  • Resending is repeated until a message arrives that the receiver believes is error-free.

  • Retransmission or automatic repeat request is resending damaged or lost packets- basic mechanism used by protocols operating over packet switched computer network.

  • Packet switched computer networks are otherwise ‘unreliable’ with no guarantees on delay, damage, order, or lost packets.

  • Protocols for reliable communication over such networks use a combination of acknowledgments, retransmission of missing or damaged packets, and checksums to provide that reliability.

 Image of the retransmission

Image of the Retransmission

Given the image is define the Retransmission timer for segment.

Question number: 283

» Languages » C & C Plus Plus



Which of the following concepts means waiting until runtime to determine which function to call?


Choice (4) Response


Data hiding


Dynamic binding


Dynamic casting


Dynamic loading




  • Dynamic binding waits until runtime to determine the exact function to call

  • Dynamic Binding thus links a procedure call to the code that will be executed only at run time.

  • The code associated with the procedure in not known until the program is executed, which is also known as late binding.

  • Dynamic binding is an object oriented programming concept related with polymorphism and inheritance.

  • Dynamic dispatch means that the block of code executed with reference to a procedure (method) call is determined at run time.

Dynamic binding

Dynamic Binding

Given the image is define the dynamic binding in c++