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Describe in Detail

What are turnaround time and response time?


  • Turnaround time: -

    • It is the amount of time taken to execute a particular process

    • That is, the interval from time of submission of the process to the time of completion of the process (Wall clock time).

    • The time from submitting a batch of punched cards for compilation, until the compiler’s output listing was available for pickup was the turnaround time.

    • Turnaround time is more of a range for example turnaround time 1 to 2 weeks.

  • Response time: -

    • Amount of time it takes from when a request was submitted until the first response is produced.

    • Remember, it is the time till the first response and not the completion of process execution (final response).

    • In general CPU utilization and Throughput are maximized and other factors are reduced for proper optimization.

    • Response time is typically measured from the time a transaction is entered into the system (say, a ticket purchase) to the time the physical ticket is printed.

    • Response time is a measurement within a short period of time. Most likely used in KPI. For example, your boss expects your response time during crisis to be 4 hours max.

Image of The Response and Turnaround time

Image of the Response and Turnaround Time

Given the image is define the response time and turnaround time averages