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Question number: 337

» Basic CS » Networks

Short Answer Question▾

Write in Short

Which is the root namespace for fundamental types in. NET Framework?


  • System. Object is the root namespace for fundamental types in. NET Framework.

  • System. Object is the ultimate base class of all classes in the. NET Framework- the root of type hierarchy.

  • Every type inherits from System. Object, directly or indirectly, and therefore has access to its members.

System.Object in image

System. Object in Image

Given the image is define the System. Object root namespace

Question number: 338

» Basic CS » Networks

Essay Question▾

Describe in Detail

What are the possible ways of data exchange?



  • Data can be sent only in one direction i. e. communication is unidirectional.

  • Cannot send a message back to the sender. Unidirectional communication in simplex systems sends a command/signal without expecting any response.

  • Examples are loudspeakers, television broadcasting, television remote, keyboard, monitor etc.

Image of the simplex

Image of the Simplex

Given the image is define the simplex


  • Data can be transmitted in both directions but not at the same time.

  • On a local area network using half-duplex transmission, one workstation can send data on the line and then immediately receive data on the same line but not do both at same time.

  • Half-duplex transmission thus requires a bidirectional line but data can be sent in only one direction at a time.

  • For example, a walkie- talkie in which message is sent one at a time but messages are sent in both the directions.

 Image of the half duplex

Image of the Half Duplex

Give the image is define the half-duplex


  • Full duplex system can send data in both the directions at the same time.

  • Example is a Telephone Network in which there is communication between two persons by a telephone line at the same time.

  • In full duplex there can be two dedicated lines one for sending data and other for receiving it.

Image of the full duplex

Image of the Full Duplex

Give the image is define the full-duplex