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Question number: 345

» Languages » C & C Plus Plus

Short Answer Question▾

Write in Short

Is it possible to initialize a variable at the time it was declared?


  • Yes, a separate assignment statement is not required after the variable declaration, unless value is changed later on.

  • For example: char planet [15] = “Earth” does two things:

    • Declares a string variable named planet

    • Initializes it with the value “Earth”.

Question number: 346

» Basic CS » Networks

Essay Question▾

Describe in Detail

What are the types of transmission media?


Signals are transmitted over transmission media broadly classified into two categories.

Guided or Bounded Media

  • Bounded media are made up of external conductor bounded by jacket material.

  • Provides a conduit from one device to another that include twisted-pair, coaxial cable and fiber-optic cable.

  • Signal traveling along any of these media is directed and contained by the physical limits of the medium.

  • Twisted-pair and coaxial cable are metallic and transport signals in the form of electrical current.

  • Optical fiber is a glass or plastic cable that accepts and transports light signals.

Unguided Media

  • Refers to wireless media that transports electromagnetic waves without a physical conductor.

  • Done through radio communication, satellite communication, and cellular telephony.

  • Wireless transmission can be used in both LAN and WAN.

  • Some of them are point-to-point antennas while others are omni-directional antennas.

  • Even satellites act as giant antennas receiving and transmitting signals generated from the earth.

  • Wi-Fi, wi-max, 3g are example wireless networks used for internet communication.

Transmission media

Transmission Media

Given the image is defining the transmission media that are classified in to two categories.