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Question number: 366

» Basic CS » Networks

Essay Question▾

Describe in Detail

What is attenuation?


  • The degeneration of a signal with distance on a network cable is called attenuation.

  • As signal travels it losses strength called attenuation. Since received signal strength must be enough to be detected and sufficiently higher than noise to be received without error, communication network must include amplifiers or repeaters at specific intervals to boost the signal strength.

  • The distance a signal can travel before is needs amplification depends on the medium.

  • Attenuation increases as a function of frequency, Equalizers equalize attenuation across a band of frequency.

  • Attenuation occurs with both digital and analog signals.

  • Extent of attenuation is expressed in decibels (dBs).

  • For guided media, attenuation is generally logarithmic.

  • For unguided media, attenuation is more complex.

Image shows the attenuation

Image Shows the Attenuation

Given the image is define the attenuation.

Question number: 367

» Languages » C & C Plus Plus

Short Answer Question▾

Write in Short

What is wrong with this statement? myName= “Robin”;


  • You cannot use the = sign to assign values to a string variable.

  • Instead, use the strcpy function.

  • The correct statement would be: strcpy (myName, “Robin”);

Question number: 368

» Languages » C & C Plus Plus

Essay Question▾

Describe in Detail

What is wrong with this program statement? void = 10;


  • The word void is a reserved word in C language and cannot be used as a user-defined variable.

  • Void functions are created and used just like value-returning functions except they do not return a value after the function executes.

  • Void functions use the keyword “void. ”

  • A void function performs a task, and then control returns back to the caller–but, it does not return a value.

Void function in image

Void Function in Image

Given the image is define the void () function