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Question number: 414

» Basic CS » Data Structures

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Describe in Detail

List out few of the applications that make use of multilinked structures?


Sparse matrix: - in computer programming, a matrix can be defined with a 2-dimensional array. Any array with ‘m’ column and ‘n’ rows represents a matrix. There may be situations in which a matrix contains more zero values than NON-ZERO values. Such matrix is known as sparse matrix.

Image of sparse matrix

Image of Sparse Matrix

Given the image is define the example of sparse matrix

  • In above example matrix, there are only 6 non-zero elements (those are 9,8, 4,2, 5 and 2) and matrix size is .

  • Here the first row in the right side table is filled with values 5,6, & 6 which indicates that it is a sparse matrix with 5 rows, 6 columns, and 6 non-zero values.

  • Second row is filled with 0,4, & 9 which indicates the value in the matrix at 0th row, 4th column is 9.

  • In the same way the remaining non-zero values also follows the similar pattern.

  • This table can be stored in the multilinked structures.

  • Index Generation: In database systems, an index (IDX) data structure is defined on columns to speed data retrieval. An index is a small copy of a database table sorted by key values.

Indexing process

Indexing Process

Given the image is define the indexing process

Question number: 415

» Basic CS » Networks

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Describe in Detail

What is Brouter?


  • Hybrid device that combines the features of both bridges and routers.

  • Forwards data between networks (serving as a bridge), but also sroute data to individual systems within a network (serving as a router).

  • Bridge connects two separate networks simply forwarding the incoming packets from one network to the next.

  • Router can route packets to specific connected systems.

  • Brouter combines these two functions by routing some incoming data to the correct systems, while forwarding other data to another network.

Image shows the Brouter

Image Shows the Brouter

Given the image is define the Brouter