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Question number: 425

» Languages » C & C Plus Plus

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Describe in Detail

What are the different storage classes in c?


  • C has four types of storage: automatic, static, external and register

  • Variables having block scope and without static specifier have automatic storage allocation.

  • Variables with block scope, and with static specifier have static scope.

  • Global variables (i. e. , file scope) with or without the static specifier also have static scope.

  • Memory obtained from calls to malloc (), alloc () or realloc () belongs to allocated storage class.

Image of the Storage classes

Image of the Storage Classes

Given the image is define the different storage classes in c

Question number: 426

» Basic CS » Networks

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Describe in Detail

What are the responsibilities of Session Layer?


The Session layer is network dialog controller- establishes, maintains, and synchronizes interaction between the communicating systems.

  • Dialog control

    Allows two systems to start communication with each other in half-duplex or full duplex.

  • Synchronization

    • Allows a process to add checkpoints considered the synchronization points into stream of data.

    • Example: If a system is sending a file of 800 pages, adding checkpoints after every 50 pages is recommended. This ensures that 50-page unit is successfully received and acknowledged. This is beneficial at the time of crash as if a crash happens at page number 110; there is no need to retransmit pages 1 to100.