TCS Placement: Sample Questions 392 - 394 of 502

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Question 392



Which of the following operator is overloaded for object cout?


Choice (4)












  • We use insertion operator (<<) for the object (cout) of output stream.
  • So this is the operator that gets used. Hence the answer is << .
  • To send output to the screen we use the insertion operator on the object cout.
  • Format: cout << Expression;
Given the Image is Define the Insertion Operation Using in Cout Object

Question 393


Describe in Detail


What are linked list?


  • A linked list is composed of nodes that are connected with one-another.
  • In C programming, linked lists are created using pointers.
  • Linked lists is efficient way of utilizing memory for storage.
  • Linked list consists of sequence of nodes.
  • Each node is composed of two fields: data field and reference field pointing to the next node.
  • Each node in the list is also called an element.
Given the Image is Define the C Linked List Example

Question 394


Write in Short

Short Answer▾

What is busy waiting?


  • The repeated execution of a loop of code while waiting for an event to occur is called busy-waiting.
  • The CPU is not engaged in any real productive activity during this period, and the process does not progress toward completion.
  • A process that wants to enter a critical section, checks first to see if the entry is allowed and if it is not the process waits in a tight loop.
  • Continuously testing a variable waiting for some value to appear is denoted as
Given the Image is Define the Busy Waiting

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