TCS Placement: Sample Questions 69 - 70 of 502

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Question 69


Write in Short

Short Answer▾

Fill the missing term of series.

26, 19, 17,13, 11, ________, 8,7


  • Divide the given series into two parts of odd and even series.
  • Odd term series: 26, 17,11, 8, …
  • Even term series: 19,13, ________, 7, …
  • The term which we have to find will follow the even term series.
  • First term is 19 and second term is 13, i.e.. Difference between them is -6
  • Third term needs to be find out.
  • Fourth term is 7.
  • Here, difference between two consecutive terms is decreasing by two numbers like -6, -4, -2, … , i.e.. Difference between second and third term will be -4.
  • So, missing term will be

Question 70


Describe in Detail


What is passive topology?


  • When the computers on the network simply listen and receive signal without changing it (amplifying) , they are referred to as passive.
  • For example linear bus
  • Some topologies include two nodes in a hardware cluster. One of these nodes is active, and the other is passive. Active node runs the Oracle Application Server components and handles all the requests. If active node goes down passive node takes over and runs the components.
Given the Image is Define the Passive Topology

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