TCS Placement: Sample Questions 78 - 79 of 502

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Question 78


Describe in Detail


Define Routing?


  • The process of determining how to forward messages toward the destination nodes based on its address is called routing.
  • Note that another confusing term “bridging” occurs at a lower level and is therefore more of a hardware function whereas routing occurs at a higher level where the software component is more important.
  • As routing occurs at a higher level, it can perform more complex analysis to determine the optimal path for the packet.
Given the Image is Define the Routing

Question 79


Write in Short

Short Answer▾

At this series: 7, 10, 8,11, 9,12 … What number should come next?


  • Here, first term of the series is 7.
  • Second term of the series is 10, i.e.. Difference between first two terms is
  • Third term of the series is 8, i.e.. Difference between third and second term is
  • Fourth term of the series is 11, i.e.. Difference between fourth and third term is
  • Fifth term of the series is 9, i.e.. Difference between fifth and fourth term is
  • Sixth term of the series is 12, i.e.. Difference between sixth and fifth term is
  • Looking at the analogy, we can conclude that difference between two consecutive terms is alternating by + 3nd -2.
  • So, difference between seventh term and sixth term should be -2.

  • Hence, next term of the series will be 10.

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